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Laura and I recommend Vegetable Samosas as appetizers (Appetizer Number 6). Each order ($3) includes two deep fried pouches of potatoes, vegetables and spices. With dinner, we recommend the poori bread (Bread Number 2; $2). All entrees are served with long grain basmati rice, which can be spiced. For the spice novice, I recommend the mildest, which still has some spice. Here is the list of vegetarian items on the menu. Each is $7.95, unless marked otherwise: ...
I am an adventurous person. My big hobby is to learn more about different cultures, countries and peoples. Couple month ago I was visiting my sister in Canton, and we decided to have a dinner at "Bombay Sitar". That was awesome ! Friendly associates, low prices, good food, and nice traditional decorations of the restaurant. You can enjoying your lunch and learn about this wonderful culture. Is it not nice? :)
Bombay Sitar
When you are ordering your food, please tell us how spiced you would like it - mild, medium, hot or Indian hot. We prepare each dish fish freshly-ground herbs and spices to suit your taste. Either way, it's totally up to you.
Bombay Sitar
Our curry is not the curry powder you find in grocery stores. Contrary to the common belief, curry is not necessarily spicy - it is an Indian word which means "Sauce". In our dishes that are served with curry (and not of all our entrees are), you will find a different combination of mild spices, which when...
Bombay Sitar
Indian food is remarkably versatile. Meat lovers will savor our lamb an chicken entrees, whether grilled (Tandori-style) or simmered in one of our light sauces. Our meatless dishes feature some of our finest vegetarian dining available. In fact, many are mainstays of the Indian diet. If you have any special...